Next Best Thing… Lumiere Beauty Skincare

Next Best Thing... Lumiere Beauty Skincare 2

I wanted to explore more about Australian made and owned all natural skincare, and so I reached out to Isabella who is the founder of Lumiere Beauty. You guys know, I enjoy supporting new local brands, as well as international brands and I had the privilege of learning how opting to use all natural skincare is the way of living a healthy life.

Lumiere Beauty was formed a little over 2 years ago and it was from Isabella’s personal need to find skincare products that are 100% natural, uses organic ingredients that does not contain any harsh chemicals, such as parabens, artificial fragrances and fillers. Lumiere is based in Sydney, Australia and all of their products are made locally.

“I have always applied the traditional wisdom of “nature provides best” to all areas of my life. I have found over the years even the most purest and most expensive skincare products almost all contain nasty chemicals. This is why I felt the need and responsibility to create a skincare line that is inspired by the ancient wisdom of naturopathy and aromatherapy, using only pure and natural ingredients.” – Isabella (Lumiere Beauty)

Next Best Thing... Lumiere Beauty Skincare

Isabella, kindly sent samples of their signature face oil and top selling organic lip balm. These products I have integrated with my regular skincare routine to see if it would work well with other products, as well as on their own.

*German Chamomile Balancing Face Oil – this face oil is light weight and easily absorbs into the skin. It is non-greasy without clogging the pores, leaving skin hydrated, soft and supple. This keeps my skin hydrated throughout the night and into the next day. I could feel my skin smooth to touch, which is always nice and any redness or inflammation is easily calmed by this facial oil. It has a mild scent of german chamomile, frankincense, tangerine and ylang ylang that lingers for a short time and then fades. Also great to wear under foundation, especially when your skin is super dehydrated and need a boost and also helped to tame down flakey skin. This is suited for most skin conditions, especially sensitive skin types.

Next Best Thing... Lumiere Beauty Skincare 3

*Honey & Coconut Organic Lip Balm – from the moment I applied this lip balm on my lips, I knew I needed to add it in rotation with my other lip balms this winter. It is very moisturising, glides on easily and leaves a nice healthy shine finish. After a few applications, I noticed a good change to my lips, not as chapped as they usually are, which helps when I want to wear lipstick. This is great for everyone in the family, even little children who tend to lick lips a lot. I could not smell anything other than the coconut, but surely in the background the honey is there, just did not get enough of that sweet honey flavour. Suited for most skin conditions, especially chapped and dry lips.

You can find a selection of Lumiere Beauty face oils, organic lip balms, and natural body balms and salves on their website: To be updated, make sure to check out their social media on twitter – @LumiereBeautyAu and on instagram – @lumierebeautyskincare. I have also been given a coupon code for you guys if you are interested and in the market to try new skincare. Visit Lumiere Beauty and use code: Caryl15 to receive 15% OFF your order, hurry promotion ends: 30/06/2016.

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