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NU COLOUR: Ultra-Long-Lasting Powerlips Fluid


NU COLOUR cosmetics is an extension of the parent brand NU SKIN. The new line features the best of good skincare blended with Nu Colour which enhances, protects, corrects and improves natural beauty, to bring the best of NU Skin to colour. The range consists of products from complexion, eyes and lips. The range I will be reviewing are the new Powerlips Fluid, ultra-long-lasting lip colour. I have 3 out of 18 shades to share with you, so continue reading to learn more.

These Powerlips fluid (ambition: rose, potential: metallic peachy-champagne, noble: magenta) come in a transparent tube showing the colour of the product with a black lid. The wand inside is long and consists of a small doe-foot applicator that fits lips when applying product to lips. The product is infused with a special blend of skin-nourishing ingredients that can help to soothe, smooth and prevent dry-out lips over time. The Powerlips fluid uses a unique sueded comfort cushion technology (a flexible film layer on skin) for high performance, cushions lips that leave them feeling soft and comfortable for hours.

Key ingredients include: avocado oil, beeswax and vitamin e, which is said to help hydrate, nourish and prevent damage—a weightless formula that has a light, silky and non-sticky consistency. It doesn’t contain any nasty and harsh alcohol smell or taste and doesn’t require you to shake product before application.

Powerlips Fluid (Ambition, Potential, Nobel) 3.1ml $41*

What can you expect: These powerlips fluid apply nicely and evenly on the lips without it feathering or bleeding into lines or above my lips. One coat leaves a very pigmented colour and what you see is what you get. The powerlips fluid did not sting or burn my lips as soon as it dried after about a minute on. I found it to be smudge-resistant, drink-resistant and did fade a little with consumption of food, but not as much that I needed to touch up.

After 7 hours of wear my lips still looked pretty good without the need to touch up lip colour throughout the day. Also my lips felt hydrated and soft to touch. I found that using these products alone without glosses and lip balms made the longevity of these powerlips fluid to last even longer.

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