NUTRIMETICS Ultra Care+ Clarifying Clay Treatment

I am all in when it comes to facial treatments like mud masks. I love them for the main reason of drawing out impurities, and cleaning and minimising the appearance of my large pores. No one likes the look of them and I often have to treat my skin once to twice a week to receive that healthy glow and look it deserves.

“Ultra Care+ Clarifying Clay Treatment uses powerful, skin-clearing clay to magnetically and visibly draw out dirt and congestion to revel a brighter, more clarified complexion. It gently buffs and exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, while working to tone the skin for a more youthful appearance.” – Nutrimetics.

This Ultra Care+ clarifying clay treatment is suppose to be similar to Glamglow’s youthmud tingle exfoliate treatment or supermud clearing treatment. I have only used the youthmud and can say there are some similarities, continue reading to see if they are different.

*Ultra Care+ Clarifying Treatment 60ml $69

This clay treatment has light consistency and found it easy to apply with a foundation brush, as it didn’t come with a applicator brush or spoon. A foundation brush was better to apply instead of using my fingers. Immediately my skin felt tingling and not just for a few seconds but a good minute or two. This might not be your cup of tea, but I certainly didn’t mind this at all.

This is also something you’d experience with Glamglow’s youthmud treatment. I leave the mask on until it dried usually around 10-15 minutes. I proceed to wash my skin using a warm face cloth, as I didn’t have the black microfibre cloth that others said they had included to help remove the clay treatment.

It’s key ingredients include kaolin clay (control excess sebum production), natural volcanic (absorb excess oil), black rice powder (gentle exfoliation), raspberry fruit extract (hydrate skin), green tea leaf powder (remove dead skin cells), and cucumber extract (cool and soothe skin). This product is suitable for all skin types and as per usual, please test on skin for any allergies before using this for your face.

You immediately notice smooth and soft skin, quite refreshing and my pores are minimised. I found this to draw out impurities really well, which meant that my face wasn’t greasy or had that skin tight feel. I didn’t have any irritations aside from the tingling in the beginning, and I didn’t see any redness and even with sensitive skin type, I didn’t have any breakouts. I used this once a week in rotation with other clay masks in my collection.

If I’m comparing with Glamglow’s youthmud they are similar that they are a clay treatment with tingling feel, but youthmud has seaweed bits and Nutrimetics is straight up smooth clay consistency, similar with L’Oreal’s charcoal pure clay mask. While I love Glamglow, I have been gravitating towards Nutrimetics more and found the results to be comparable and if not better. This is worth a try and perhaps you too will love this just as much as I have.

Have you tried this Clarifying Clay Treatment?