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OCINIUM Luminosity Vitamin C Serum


For the past couple of months now, I have been trying and reviewing Ocinium skincare. If you aren’t familiar with this brand, Ocinium is an Australian skincare brand. They provide luxurious and intelligent skincare  that confidently promotes ageless beauty. They have a scientific approach, which is what sets them apart from other conventional brands, which results in safer and effective natural skincare products.

“Our ingredients are derived from nature’s resources and proven cosmetics actives that have an unprecedented affinity to the skin to initiate vital protection, repair and regeneration of the skin.” Ocinium.

*Luminosity Vitamin C Serum 30ml $90

This luminosity vitamin c serum is best described as a rich serum with the brightening power of vitamin c to promote cell regeneration and increase the production of collagen and elastin to brighten skin.

I found this serum to be one of the best for leaving skin appear radiantly happy. I am never once disappointed on this product when my skin needs it most. I look forward to using this in my morning skincare routine to help brighten my skin complexion on the days that my skin is feeling the fatigue due to lack of sleep or when it is dull. I know I can count on this serum to simply awaken my skin, almost instantly without having to layer it with another product to give me my end goal result. Whilst this does help to brighten skin, it can also help to target hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and uneven tone, and reduce pigmentation associated with UV damage.

It’s key ingredients are: Hyaluronic Acid (hydrate and plump skin), squalane (loss of elasticity to skin and inflammation), glycerine (strengthen skin’s barrier), vitamin c (brightens skin), tocopherols natural vitamin e (prevent collagen breakdown), and rosehip oil (instant glowing complexion and former youthful skin). This serum is suitable for all skin types and can be used on the face, eyes and neck areas.

What are your favourite Ocinium skincare products?


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