OCINIUM Luxe Lip Balm


Like lipsticks, I’m also fond of hoarding lip balms. I can’t say I’ve ever finished one, but I’m known to misplace them everywhere and I somehow have a good reason to justify buying more. Ocinium is a brand I’ve grown to love in the past few months and while I have enjoyed using their skincare products, their lip balm was never on my radar, until now.

*Luxe Lip Balm 10g $34

This luxe lip balm is described as a nourishing blend of nutrients and oils that melts on the lips as it can help to repair and restore collagen levels and help to soften lips. It’s key ingredients include shea butter (protect skin against uv rays and damaged skin), coconut oil (powerhouse of antioxidants, enzymes and vitamin e, as it will help to deeply nourish lips), jojoba oil (improves elasticity and suppleness), vitamin c (brightens skin and destroys free radicals), and co enzyme q10 (reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles).

This lip balm is packaged in a small twist lid jar that is perfect for travels, purse friendly and even keep it handy in your pocket. The balm has a thin oily texture but when applied to lips melts down, which leaves a shiny and non-greasy finish. This also has a delicious and natural cocoa fragrant, which if you’re a chocolate lover, will enjoy the scent. I used this as my lip balm before bed time and overnight, I noticed my lips appeared soft, nourished, moisturised and hydrated.

I found this lip balm can also act as a multipurpose balm to use on dry knees, elbows, ankles and to soften cuticles where necessary. This is one I’ve been gravitating towards and it’s becoming quite the addiction to my sweet cravings, but instead it’s to hydrate my lips!

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