Outstanding Skincare Brands of 2015

Outstanding Brands of 2015

This is a fairly new series, which I hope to continue in the future. It is pretty much brands that were new to me in 2015. If you are looking to give new brands a try, this post may help you steer in that direction. To start with, skincare – this is usually the first products we put on my skin and I will probably do a post around makeup later, but skincare made the most impact on my skin as I had dealt with a few bumps along the way.

Antipodes have been on my skincare wish list to try for ages and only in 2015 did I manage to try some products, mainly serums and facial creams. I can’t stress enough how amazing their products are (read my reviews & posts here: Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream6 Basic Skin Survival KitFavourite Face Oil / Serums {Winter Edition}Recent Repeat Beauty BuysDrugstore Skincare Holy Grail Products). These products are bit pricey, but your skin will thank you later and you’ll know it was a great investment!

Since becoming a new member of the antipodes appreciation club (no idea if it exists) I have learnt to take care of my skin and what I should put in it. Of course it is also what we eat that contributes to the way our skin appears, but having skincare helps to enhance the healthy youthful glow we are all striving to have. And not to forget, Antipodes is a New Zealand brand creating cruelty free, natural skincare that is suitable for all skin types.

Go-To Skincare is one of those that always seemed to make an appearance on my instafeed. Like Antipodes, this brand is also on the pricey side, but is it worth the hype? It was a later game changer of 2015, though I was glad to have caved in and bought a few products.

My skin essentially needed something that clearly I hadn’t tried before, as all the other moisturisers I had used had become immune to me. My skin had gone from good to dull, dry and almost to the point of looking a bit like stale bread, I needed a quick pick-me-up moisturiser to get my face back where it should be. The product that helped boost back my face confidence was the Very Useful Face Cream! Totally worth every cent and now my face is thanking me, and I also just recently made another order. Let’s just put it out there, it’s on my holy grail skincare list, worth trying for real! Also great to support Australian brands and this is just one of many I have come across to love.

MooGoo Skincare, a great offering for those that want a a much more healthier skincare alternative. Great for those that experience sensitive, eczema, psoriasis and good for all skin types too! One of my faves is the *How Now Brown Cow self tanners. I just love how easy it is to self tan without the hassles that other people have experienced when using self tanners. It’s a creamy base formula that is like a tinted body moisturiser. Dries quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. You see results in a few hours without any orange streaks and the scent isn’t bad either.

My first time using gradual self tanning product and I recommend this to anyone who want to use a healthier option for your skin. Only downside is that it doesn’t contain any SPF. It doesn’t hurt to apply a separate moisturiser with SPF anyway and this is a no hassle as I don’t expose my skin in the sun immediately, but that’s just my preference.

It was definitely difficult to narrow down to only 3 brands, even when there were many others that stood out. These however, were just the better ones out of the lot.

What outstanding skincare brand made it in your 2015?

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