Overnight Masks For Dry Skin on Rotation

These are a few of my favourite overnight sleeping masks that may contain some pros and cons. Nonetheless, I still find them effective to hydrate my skin, helping to maintain moisture loss and continue to replenish dull and dry skin through out the day. Continue reading to learn more about these skin foods.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream 50ml

This sleeping cream claims to be a “miracle” to help fight fatigue and the signs of ageing while you sleep. I’m in the age group where all I want is to fight ageing, however, I do want to age gracefully, and I accept whatever wrinkles, fine lines and ageing spots that may creep onto my skin. Though, after using this for several months, I haven’t seen it miraculously smooth out some faint fine lines on my forehead. I have found my skin to have moderately become moisture balanced, which have been amazing when I haven’t had a goodnight’s sleep, as it gives my skin that well-rested appearance. It contains a unique mix of 7 anti-ageing actives such as LHA, adenosine, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, ruscus, jojoba oil and pure essential lavandin oil. If you’re after a fatigue-fighting cream while keeping skin hydrated overnight, this can help you with that, but don’t expect it to banish the signs of ageing all together.

3CE White Milk Sleeping Mask 90ml

On a recent South Korean trip, I picked up a few k-beauty skincare that I’ve been interested in testing on my skin. I was excited to give this brand a go since I’ve heard so many wonderful reviews about it. This sleeping mask is supposed to help brighten your complexion and moisturise skin overnight. I found that as I continued to use it, I only noticed my skin looking much more supple and nourished (non-sticky and non-greasy finish). I don’t think this white milk sleeping mask has worked to brighten up my skin tone, however, I found it to work best as a hydrating sleeping mask. It contains natural extracts and botanicals, such as milk protein extract (subtle milk scent), tea tree oil, oatmeal, honey and avocado. If you’re looking to use this as a brightening sleeping mask, you may be disappointed, but instead treat it more as a rich moisture mask.

*Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask 100ml

I have been fan-girling Clinique skincare for as long as I can remember. I’ve been impressed by their moisture surge skincare line and this overnight mask has been a winner every time my skin goes into drought mode. My skin type–being dull, dry and dehydrated, requires this type of moisturiser every winter for the past three years now. I haven’t looked back and I can safely say this is a product that has been welcomed into my holy grail skincare on the shelf collection. It’s a rich, oil-free and creamy facial mask that helps skin drink deep overnight for a soft, and dewy radiant glow by the morning. I highly recommend this product for those beauties that have a similar skin type like mine.

What are your favourite overnight masks for your skin?

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