Don’t you just love this bold pin-up girl design on the Glamourflage makeup product packaging? Each carry a unique sense of individuality that carries a mini story behind them. Continue reading to learn more about my recent additions to my prime and prep step in my light makeup routine.

“We believe in skincare made with the quality, natural ingredients which have not been tested on animals. Each one of our products comes uniquely packaged with an individual story from a glamorous 1940/50’s pin up girl who will take you on a journey into her exciting and fun life! Our sexy and classy packaging means Glamourflage is a great gift idea for any lady of the house.” – Glamourflage.


*Jane Gem Face Primer 25ml AU$29

This lightweight transparent gel consistency face primer applied easily without that sticky or tacky feel. My skin is noticeably smooth and soft that had helped to reduce the size of my pores as it left a matte finish. Skin looked hydrated and no dry skin patches to be seen. This is an oil-free face primer that is suitable for all skin types, especially those who have combination and oily skin types.


*Gina Glam BB Cream Natural 50ml AU$29

The BB Cream formula is this lightweight tinted cream with a pink undertone. As you apply a small amount to your skin with your fingers–the cream turns white like sunscreen before it is absorbed into the skin. It leaves a matte fresh finish when you use the Jane Gem foundation primer, as it blends to your natural skin tone. If used without a primer, this BB Cream leaves a lovely satin finish.

However, I found it to appear lighter on my skin but seemed to look not too obvious and more natural. It had helped to minimise the appearance of some blemishes but think a concealer is still required to completely conceal blemishes. I found it was easier to use my fingers to blend without leaving any streaks on the skin.

*Gina Glam BB Cream Moisture 50ml AU$33

This BB Cream has a neutral nude undertone that seemed to look close to my natural skin tone. It contains this refreshing botanical scent that I found kind of addictive but not overwhelming. It does appear more nude on my skin, however, while blending with my fingers, it did hug onto dry skin patches on my cheeks and near the curves of my left nose. Once the product had settled, you don’t notice the dry skin patches unless you look closely.

To avoid this from happening and unless you have severe dry skin is to use a rich moisturiser pre-primer. While this is also hydrating for dry skin type beauties, I found that it didn’t necessarily hide those dry skin patches but it did help to even skin tone and kept skin feel smooth and soft to touch. This is suitable for all skin types, however think if you experience super dry skin to use a rich moisturiser before hand.

Overall, I found the face primer to be my favourite product, as it didn’t feel sticky or tacky and rather left a soft and smooth appearance to my face. It also helped to keep the bb creams stay on longer and kept my skin look hydrated without the need for touch ups.

Between the two bb creams, I seemed to gravitate towards the natural coverage over moisture even though I have combination dry skin type. I found that although the natural bb cream had a pink undertone and appeared more light on my skin–it felt more comfortable on my skin. Some dry skin patches didn’t seem to be visible and gave more of a natural no makeup-makeup look compared to when I used the moisture bb cream, which made me look made up and you notice I had something on my skin.

You can purchase these Glamourflage prime and prep products from their website. For more information, please visit their social media on Facebook and Twitter.


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