Racinne Lady I Cleansing Set

Not knowing anything about Racinne, I did a little research and to my surprised–this is a Korean skincare brand. Funnily, I was in South Korea earlier in the year visiting my husband’s cousin and her family. We ventured into Seoul’s busiest shopping district of Myeongdong, known for it’s beauty shopping mecca for those must have k-beauty brands and street stall foods. I didn’t know of this brand until I returned back home and lucky to have had an opportunity to try these products on my skin.

“The source of all beauty is life. Simply put, a person’s body and their skin must be healthy in order for that person to look and feel beautiful. Our products contain the most advanced active ingredients and cutting-edge technology in order to deliver the highest level of efficacy to our users. In this sense, we are more than just about cosmetics. We are about living beautifully.” – Racinne.

*Ultimate Hydra Perfection Gentle Cleansing Foam 120ml

This is a refreshing cleansing foam that cleans deeper into the pores, as it gently liberates skin from impurities without disturbing skin’s natural balance, while it leaves skin beautifully cleansed, balanced, and revitalised.

The foam itself has a whipped cream texture that easily lathers up onto the skin and whether you use a cleansing system or your fingers–the outcome appears the same. Rinse away with warm water or use a muslin cloth, as it will leave skin feeling clean, nourished, non-drying, non-irritated, and ready for the next steps in your skincare regiment.

*Lady I – Massaging Rejuvenation System (4 AA batteries not included)

This advanced cleansing system is designed to facilitate your daily cleansing regime and helps to address your skin care concerns by gently massaging, cleansing and exfoliating your skin. This massaging rejuvenating system has only 1 speed, which is gentle to use on sensitive skin types. There are 4 system applicators (attachments) to be used depending on your cleansing regiment.

– Facial Brush: this is used to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells, remove and cleanse impurities.
– Facial Sponge: this helps to apply moisturising creams to the face as it also helps to stimulate the skin.
– Pumice Stone: this helps to smooth out rough skin on heels and elbows.
– Body Brush: team it up with a body wash or soap for a deeper full body cleaning.

Overall, using this system along with the gentle cleansing foam on the daily has left my skin feeling soft, smooth and my large pores had minimised in appearance. I don’t know why I hadn’t invested in a cleansing system like this before, but I’m convinced that my skin looks just as good now than if I were to have had a professional facial treatment done on my skin once a month.

Have you tried these products or have any favourites?


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