Racinne Ultimate Aqua Blanc Tonic + Brightening Cream

When using the Racinne lady I massaging rejuvenation system, I couldn’t pass on utilising these two new additional skincare products into my newly daily regiment. It’s not hard to pick up a new routine and stick with it when it has changed the way I do my skincare now. If anything, using a system like this has made my routine that much more fun-ner 🤔 and not so much as a chore.

“Beauty is understood as the blossoming of an inner-identity, the release of how a person feels from the inside-out, not simply about how a person looks from the outside-in. In its most captivating state, beauty is open and honest. It does not hide and it does not boast. True beauty simply is.” – Racinne.

*Ultimate Aqua Blanc 140ml

This toner helps to improve skin tissues as it contains elements of lotus callus and aloe vera extracts. The natural ingredients form a protective layer that further visibly improve dullness, revealing a fresh luminous skin. To use, spritz over face avoiding eye area after cleansing and follow up with ultimate aqua blanc brightening cream. The tonic disperses the product heavily on the skin instead of it being a fine mist. To avoid chucks of liquid, spray the tonic onto a makeup pad and pat onto the skin’s surface–treat it like a toner post cleanser/mask step.

Although, this product is not suitable for beauties with sensitive skin types as it does contain a mildly scented perfume, I found that when I used this on my skin, I didn’t have any more irritations to my dry/combination skin type. Instead, patch test on your skin if you use this to see if you have reactions, but so far for me, this has kept my skin calm and has brought back some life.

*Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Cream 50g

This brightening cream has been clinically proven^ to brighten and improve skin complexion. It contains ingredients such as lotus callus extract and deep-sea pearl essence that help to activate cell regeneration and minimise the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

The texture has that rich and creamy consistency that less is more when you apply to your skin. I teamed this up with the lady I massaging rejuvenation system with the facial sponge attachment. I found that by using this system, it penetrates the cream deeper into my skin and leaves a lovely semi-matte finish, skin feels soft, smooth and replenished. I could see my skin looking a little bit more even toned and any light blemishes I had on my face had surely minimised its appearance.

(^Clinical test conducted by Ellead Skin & Bio Research in South Korea.)

Have you used any of the Racinne Ultimate Aqua Blanc range?

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