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REAL TECHNIQUES Brush Crush Collection–Instagrammable Worthy!


Real Techniques have recently released a collection of instagrammable brushes, known as The Brush Crush Collection. The limited-edition collection consists of pretty sparkles and what you might be familiar with their luxuriously soft bristles.

“Inspired by the latest holographic, pastel and glitter trends, these brushes are limited edition and the most colourful yet. Aussie beauties are going to love the unique combination of unicorn and mermaid trends in these stunning designs.” – Erica Galea, Marketing Manager at Chemcorp International.

Each Real Techniques brushes has been designed with a tapered handle in either a pink or purple glittery hue and colour fading into the soft bristles. The entire collection has been crafted for flawless application for formulations of liquid, creams and powders. A collection of 7 makeup brushes wouldn’t be complete without its new Diamond Sponge edition!

*300 Large Powder Brush $27.99 − This pink glitter large powder brush has been cut to an arched shaped that helps to sweep foundation, bronzer and setting powders on skin with ease.

*303 Contour Brush $22.99 − This pink glitter contour brush has been designed as a flat cut brush that works well with powders, creams and liquid textures to define cheeks and face.

*305 Shadow Brush $17.99 − This purple glitter shadow brush has a soft and unique tapered cut for easy to blend with liquid, cream or powder eyeshadows.

I have never owned any of these beautiful, uniquely cut and tapered style brushes from Real Techniques. However, I am a fan of their original flawless base brushes and enhance eye sets. Reading from a few other sources, I found that if you own or have previously owned Bold Metals brush collection, this is pretty much the same in terms of its style and weighted brushes. The only difference is the colour and design, but if you are looking into collecting this set, go check it out as this is a limited edition collection. To view the full Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection, click here.

What is your favourite Real Techniques Brush Collection?

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