Refresh & Hydrate With Luxury Face/Skin Mists

With so many options for skin mists or face mists and which ever you prefer to call it. To me they ultimately do those things we want–to essentially refresh, pamper and hydrate our skin back to some sort of normal, healthy and radiant state. These products are from the high-end spectrum and of course you don’t need to splurge on these, but feel free to if you feel like you need to indulge in a luxury item.

I naturally would gravitate to the more affordable types that works bette for my budget. But, there is just something I find fascinating with some high-end brands that make my vanity look that much more appealing, like when you walk past a skincare counter with all the beautifully eye-catching bottles lined up at your disposal. Anyway, enough with the ramblings and let me share with you why these are my top faves.

DIPTYQUE Infused Facial Water 50ml

This facial water is a travel friendly size as it comes in a tin style with spritzer bottle. If you are familiar with Diptyque’s minimalist packaging, then this is also seen in their skincare line. This is kind of like your micellar water, but more like a post-cleanse, pre-moisturiser step or apply before makeup. This could also be used as a toner step as it helps to soothe and moisturise your skin. The mist is heavy if you spritz it directly to the skin. I found it best to soak a bit of this product to a makeup pad or a cotton ball and wipe or pat into the skin.

It is enriched with a mildly damask rose hydrosol (distilled rose water) scent that is infused with nasturtium (brightly coloured flowers). It is also blended with 9 traditional plants and flowers to help bring out your complexion’s natural radiance. This is suitable for all skin types.

TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Mist 40ml

This finely luminous dewy skin mist comes in a purple glass bottle with a gold detail and its spritzer. This milky concoction has a lovely subtle herbal, but fresh scent as you spritz directly to skin. You can choose to apply post-cleanser as a base toner, pre-serum and after your full skincare routine. It can also act as a setting spray for makeup, but doesn’t necessarily leave makeup on longer, though it will leave your skin looking radiant all day long. The dewiness or glow settles on top of the skin and I don’t find myself having to think twice about using blotting papers.

It was designed for use both on bare skin and over makeup, so you can refresh your complexion anytime and anywhere. This is formulated with a blend of squalene, red algae and Tatcha’s anti-ageing, antioxidant-rich HADASEI-3™ complex that rehydrates and bring life back to dull skin. I found this best suits normal to dry skin types as oily beauties may look like a hot mess if not used correctly.

OMOROVICZA Queen of Hungary Mist (QOHM) limited edition 2016 50ml

This was the quintessential brand in which led me to discover high-end face mists and general high-end skincare brands. The product was inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water–the world’s first recorded perfume that was formulated for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in the 14th century. Omorovicza products are powered by a potent blend of Hungary’s mineral-rich healing waters and their patented Hydro Mineral Transference™ delivery system.

This QOHM comes in a matte glass bottle, a convenient spritzer with its limited edition design (every year is different). It is a refreshing neroli and rose-scented finely facial mist that is perfect for a quick pick-me-up (refresh), as a post-cleanse toner (revitalise), and as a lift up your spirits or a bit like a mood mist. You can spray any time on the face, body and hair as this does not contain alcohol. It instantly refreshes skin and lives long-lasting hydration. It is enriched with the finest vitamins, essential oils and natural ingredients sourced from all over the globe. This is suitable for all skin types and for beauties that experience dry and dull skins.

What is your favourite face/skin mists?

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