RIMMEL #Insta Makeup Collection

Rimmel has been stepping up their game when it comes to their makeup, the more recent is the #Insta selfie makeup range. I have been playing around with each product to see how they work on my current dry skin situation. Continue reading to learn more.

“We have products that are always easy to use, versatile and accessible, designed to encourage experimentation and self-expression.” – Rimmel London.

RIMMEL #Insta Makeup Collection 2

*#Insta Conceal & Correct 8.4g AU$18.95

The conceal and correct palette featured three shades: peach (dark circles), green (redness) and purple (dullness). The formula is this lightweight thin consistency that is creamy-to-powder as it settled down to a matte finish. These are easily blended using a finger to conceal and correct parts of the skin.

*#Insta Flawless 30ml (Medium/Dark) AU$13.95

This insta flawless tinted primer has a freshly scent with a creamy consistency. It didn’t leave any streaks when applied using my hands. It has a medium to full coverage. The shade is 07 medium dark, which was obviously a bit dark for my face. The finish gives a subtle radiant glow and keeps skin hydrated and moisturised. I felt it concealed my dry skin patches well and overall helped to minimise noticeable blemishes and pores.

*#Insta Conceal & Contour (Medium) 8.4g AU$18.95

The conceal & contour palette consists of highlight (nude), conceal (brown) and contour (dark brown) shades. Each should play a role of providing highlighting, concealing and sculpting certain parts of the face. Tips on where to place each shade can be found on the back of the palette. The consistency is similarly found with the conceal & correct palette.

*#Insta Fix & Matte Powder 8g AU$13.95

This translucent fix & matte powder is perfect at absorbing an oily t-zone and other areas of the face. I used a powder brush, as I lightly dusted across certain areas and felt it applied on smoothly without caking up and hugging around my dry skin. It also helped to control my oily t-zone and rarely did any touch ups.

*#Insta Fix & Go Spray 100ml AU$13.95

I love the botanical fresh scent of this fix & go spray and you only to use twice as it does help to set makeup. I preferred to use as a last step for my makeup rather than as a primer. I also liked to use it to refreshen up my skin  through out the day to give it that continuous glow and boost of hydration.

Overall, each product performed well, starting with the conceal & correct colour palette, certainly made an impact to my skin. The conceal & contour palette, while it looked like it blended to my natural skin tone, I found the highlighter shade didn’t stand out as much as the conceal and contour shades. The insta flawless skin tint primer felt comfortable on the skin minis the limited shade choice. I found it gave a good all round coverage and concealed blemishes and pores well, which I liked for minimal makeup. I felt I didn’t need to wear a foundation over it as it I was pleased with the coverage it gave to my skin. The longevity of all products used on my face lasted a solid 8 hours without any touch ups. It gave a lovely radiant and natural finish.

The fix & matte translucent powder is a favourite of mine. I just love how immediately oil-absorbing and shine control it is and how much less time I have to touch up my face. Finally, the insta fix & go spray is a must have! It spritz’ in fine mist which doesn’t disturb and locks makeup in place. It also smells fresh and is perfect for everyday use as it keeps skin looking hydrated. A definite summer staple!

Have you tried any of these #Insta makeup products? Which is your favourite?

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