SCOUT Cosmetics – Mineral Lip Gloss & Nail Lacquers

SCOUT Cosmetics – Mineral Lip Gloss & Nail Polishes

As you know, I have slowly been making a transition when it comes to using more cruelty free, natural and organic beauty products. I definitely am more aware now than before about the choices I have made leading up to these healthier beauty options for me. I find that by opting for the healthier alternatives, I feel as though I am giving a good contribution to the world around me. This post is all about more healthier options and my continuous support towards Australian brands that are following this path. 

Sylvie Hutchings is the CEO and Founder of SCOUT Cosmetics, her vision – “to bridge the gap between natural and glamour… and ensure that people were able to enjoy colour, style, luxury and effectiveness of great cosmetics and skincare without being exposed to potentially harmful ingredients.”

There mineral makeup range is made up from naturally oriented ingredients that is formulated by experts, and are aligned with Australian manufactures who share similar ideals and values. You can read more about their values here.

SCOUT Cosmetics – Mineral Lip Gloss & Nail Polishes 2

Let’s begin with *Scout Cosmetics Sheer Shine Lip Gloss 56 Heart AUD$24.95- a lip gloss that comes in a standard see-through tube with an average length wand and a doe foot applicator at the tip. A light and creamy, sheer lip gloss that offers a non-sticky and shine finish, with a very mild scent of jojoba seed oil. It is moisturising and has this nice pinkish-nude shade for everyday wear.

I love a good nail polish/lacquer when I find one with awesome formula and does not have that stinky chemical scent. We have all experienced that at some point and now that I think I have found another amazing nail polish/lacquer brand, you guys need to pay attention. These 5 Free Nail Lacquer Luxe Eco-beauty are the bomb! Firstly, they are clear of harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor or Parabens. The awesomeness part is that these do not stink up the joint.

SCOUT Cosmetics – Mineral Lip Gloss & Nail Polishes 2

SCOUT Cosmetics – Mineral Lip Gloss & Nail Polishes 2x

The packaging, again is nothing special, but that does not mean we should judge a book by its cover, no we do not! So, I picked these colours off the website without researching what they might look like on the nails. *SCOUT Cosmetics Notorious Nail Lacquer AUD$19.95 – has a unique colour and at first it appeared to me like a deep forest green shade. While drying, it looked more of a greyish-blueish-deep forest green colour. Does that even make sense? But the truth is, I have not seen a colour like this and I am really digging it. *SCOUT Cosmetics Walk of Life Nail Lacquer AUD$19.95 – is a medium brown shade. Nothing like chocolate painted on the nails and not edible, but still, you could fool people into thinking that.

The colour pay offs after 2 coats is how you see them on the photo above (matching their bottles), very pigmented and you would never be disappointed, because I certainly was not. The formulation in these nail lacquers are creamy, but you can evenly apply a layer at a time without bubbles forming or drying too quickly that it would leave streaks, you know. These nail lacquers have amazing staying power and I mentioned to you guys many times how nail polishes/lacquers do not last very long, but after a good solid week, these stayed on as if I had been going to the nail salon everyday. No chips or peeling, and definitely no base or top coats were used in the above demonstration.

You can buy these products directly from SCOUT Cosmetics website. They carry a variety of makeup and skincare products and post Australia wide and International.

What is your favourite cruelty free, natural, vegan free, lip gloss or nail polishes/lacquers?

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