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SEBAMED: Healthy Skin Starts With pH 5.5


SebaMed is a modern family run business based in Germany. The brand specialises in skincare to aid and heal sensitive and problematic skin types that have been developed alongside dermatologists, Pharmacists and Hospitals.

Through extensive research and testing on sensitive and problematic skins, SebaMed have found formulas which help to maintain optimal skin health. Soap and alkali-free with a pH of 5.5 is said to be the same pH of a healthy skin. They were the first to develop the ‘soap without soap bar’ whilst using premium hospital medical grade ingredients known not to give allergic reactions.

*Liquid Face & Body Wash Pump 300ml $12.99

The liquid face & body wash has a pH value of 5.5, which ensures a healthy moisture balance in the skin. The body wash, as I prefer to use it, comes in a pump bottle for easy dispersion of a green gel that has a fresh and herbal type scent. It lathers up nicely as it gently cleanses my skin without stripping away natural oils.

My skin felt clean, soft, smooth and hydrated, and there were no residue, which can be experienced with other body washes in the past. This is an amazing body cleanser that not only soothed my skin, but it calmed down redness I regularly experience in the shower. I noticed just how my skin has felt better since introducing this product into my body care routine. My skin looks better and less inflamed.

*Moisturising Body Lotion 200ml $9.99

This oil-in-water emulsion moisturising body lotion is said to support and protect the acid mantle of the skin. It has been formulated without colour additives and maintains a pH value of 5.5. It contains ingredients such as chamomile extract and allantoin to help soothe skin and keep it soft and supple.

The body lotion is rich and a lightweight creamy texture, which has a naturally cooling and calming feel as you massage into your skin. It absorbs quickly and has a non greasy residue. My skin felt soft, hydrated and kept itchy and inflamed skin at bay. I rotate this moisturising body lotion with other brands, but I do regularly gravitate towards this product more because of the way my skin have been feeling, looking clearer and supple in appearance.

SebaMed carries products from cleansing & skincare, haircare, clear face and baby care that can be found at Priceline Pharmacy and selected Pharmacies nationwide. To find your nearest stockist, visit:



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