SS21 HERMES Rose Silky Blush Powder + Travel-Size Blush Brush

The latest beauty line from HERMES is finally here. It was first launched back in 2020, but I’ve only started to see their blushes appearing via the brand website about a couple of weeks ago with a restocking of refills as well. The Aussie giant retailer, David Jones are selling them online too! Excuse me for this late entrance as I didn’t know this was their second collection.

I only picked up two products for now as these cost an arm and a leg. I adore and have a soft spot for luxury makeup, paying particular attention to lip balms, tinted lip balms and now soft makeup brushes. This is a very expensive hobby, but you only live once. My love for luxury lip balms began from Dior, YSL, CHANEL, BYREDO and now HERMES. I love Blushes too—particularly cream blushes. I’m not much of a makeup hoarder as this love for luxury makeup recently surfaced (during lockdown & randomly in the middle of the night online shopping)!

The spring/summer 2021 Rose HERMES includes:

The collection comprises eight shades of Rose Hermès Silky Blush, two brushes and three rosy lip enhancers.” – HERMES.COM.AU

You can also complete your collection with accessorises like—the pommette leather blush case, lipstick case with mirror, mirror accessory, lipstick case, and some makeup brushes.

Rose HERMES Silky Blush Powder, 45 – Rose Ombre AU$110

The rose ombré shade is described as a celestial pink in chiaroscuro between shade and colour (medium pink mauve). It has a semi-matte finish, fine, silky, embossed with texture that is said to be resembling silk twill. The powder also claims to be long-lasting and leaves a radiant complexion.

I have watched many YouTube videos, listening to reviews after reviews and seeing swatches. I decided I wasn’t ready to share a swatch! I need more time to absorb this exquisite rose ombré blush. It is perfection as I have heard, finely milled, some kick back, pigmented, buildable and have a subtle floral scent—beautiful but not smothering.

It comes with the classic orange box, though it has the orange cardboard sleeve that is a little on the flimsy side and surprised not to see a travel pouch—like the ones the lipsticks come with. The blush is encased in a round case with an off-center mirror. The compact case is light, which I would have loved to have some weight, but I understand that this was created for the busy people who need makeup on the go, an idea conceived and designed by Pierre Hardy. The rose HERMES silky blushes can be refilled by removing and replacing the pan. Blush refills are sold separately and are a little cheaper (AU$60) than buying with the compact.

Rose HERMES Travel Blush Brush AU$75

Going with the theme of ‘on-the-go’ use, I decided to pick up the travel-sized blush brush based on reviews I had watched online. Beauties were saying the synthetic fibres on this brush felt softer on the skin, which the powder blush application gave an even finish when compared to the full-sized blush brush. The blush brush that retails for AU$145 felt a little scratchy and the application of the powder blush didn’t seem to blend in as smoothly as the travel-sized version. I also wasn’t prepared to fork out AU$145 for one makeup brush.

The travel-sized blush brush didn’t come in a classic orange box like the lipsticks in this collection. It was wrapped tightly in white wrapping paper and tucked into a small and light box with HERMES logo and text. It appeared less attractive with the external packaging and if you’re like me, drawn to pretty packaging, you may just feel a little disappointed with this one. Aside from that, you can be sure to feel excited when you touch the synthetic fibres on this brush. It is exquisite, ultra-soft and feels amazing on the skin, hands or finger tips. It is luscious and the best blush brush I have ever owned EVER. Note: I love real technique makeup brushes but it don’t compare to this one!

Both the full-sized and travel-sized blush brushes have a slanted shape that follows with the contours of the face and is said to apply the perfect amount of powder to the skin. This travel-sized blush brush has a light metal handle with white lacquer and brushed gold finish. I didn’t see any fall outs from having a play around earlier, which was a good thing and I hope when it comes to using it properly that there are hardly and if none at all. For this price, it was definitely an investment and one that will stay with me until I can’t wear blush anymore!

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