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As a parent to 2 little boys under 5 years old, it is very difficult at times to be on top of cleaning up after them—well cleaning up after my 3 year old, who doesn’t quite yet understand that he must tidy up after playing with his toys. My husband and I often go through a cycle of constantly having to pick up his legos and tiny cars to avoid tripping over them, and the general accidents that come along when toys are left in a heap of clutter. It can seriously be overwhelming with the amount of mess created by our little 3 year old who thinks that the entire living room floor space is his turf and therefore no one shall pass!

Our 3 year old son enjoys playing with all of his toys at once and for him to do so, they must be scattered all around him. His cleaning time usually takes about 15 minutes as we also help him, while we try to find legos and tiny matchbox cars that often hide under our couches, coffee table and tv unit. Sometimes, the clean up is put aside and a task is left for the following day. It is achievable, but all this time do add up and no adult would want to think about cleaning up after each play time.

“We know that Play Pouch encourages creative play and empowers kids to participate in achievable pack up… a place to play then simply pack away! They are must-haves for every busy family!” – Play Pouch.

*Triangles Play Pouch $69

This triangles printed play pouch is made from a durable cotton canvas with a stylish black print that is eye catching on a natural off-white canvas. The 2-in-1 toy storage bag and play mat also has a handy zip pocket, which is great for storing keys and phone, when out with a play pouch. It measures approximately 145cm in diameter including the edge strip. The play pouch is versatile, durable and a must for new parents and parents with young children. Whether your child plays with legos, matchbox cars, trucks, building blocks and any other loose toys lying around, you’ll understand how nerve racking it is to not trip over them.

The play pouch is better than your typical plastic tub storage or box storage. This amazing and simple invention of a sheet and string storage system works as clean ups now in our home is more achievable, and my son is able to learn to put his toys away in a fun way than before. Since being introduced to play pouch, our toy clean up time has been reduced to just 2 minutes. My son is able to help put away unwanted toys back inside the pouch. In the past week, I have noticed him become a bit more decisive about which toy he would rather play with, instead of just opening a box of toys and throwing them all across the floor.

Aside from using this as a toy storage, we also found that it is useful to let our 7 month old son roll around and when necessary use the play pouch during nappy change times too! It is definitely a very practical product that would be a perfect gift to family and friends who are expecting or have young children in their home.

We love this play pouch, as it is a godsend and my husband and I are smiling from ear to ear. The play pouch is a wonderful invention, which has encouraged our son to become proactive at packing away his toys when play time is over. The play pouch is available in a variety of colours and patterns as well as sizes. You can view the full range and check out your nearest stockist or for international shipping visit the Play Pouch website for further information.

Will you be picking up your own play pouch for your kids?



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