Taking A Step Back

There have been times when I have wanted to take a step back when it came to blogging. I mean completely stop blogging. It was in the middle of worldwide lockdown 2020 when I wasn’t fully sure what I wanted to do with this blog.

I felt as though the wave with blogging on a website had just slowly ran its course, close to its expiration date or past its expiration date. I had been blogging since late 2013, but only had began to take it seriously in the early summer of 2014.

If you are a long time reader of mine, you may remember the changes in names and the endless updated blog themes. To this day, I admit, I have never quite found the “right” theme/template for this blog. In my mind, I have this “right” theme, but for some reason haven’t been able to find that one.

No matter what, the blog remains and today, even when I have gone through phases of trying to “blog” about a trend or makeup thing, I still fell back to my first love in blogging, which was skincare. This might surprise some of you as you may have only began to tune in when I blogged about beauty in makeup or attending events or allowing guest bloggers to post in my space. If you follow me on my instagram–my main social outlet for micro-blogging, then this has occurred in some similar fashion.

I found while I observe and think to myself more about the direction of–the caryl edit. It became clear that it was possibly going to be an outlet of more than just me reviewing PR products, writing about up-coming product releases and capturing event launches etc. I have always loved writing. Ever since I was a teenager and have been gifted perfumed journals, I would write about stories, mainly of romance and love (but what did I know about those when I had never experienced relationships in my young youth!)

I felt I had a voice, but I had never fully explored the avenues in which I can do today. Blogging is one outlet which I have had a great love for and over the years have had great opportunities to engage, explore, and share to wider audiences. Eventually, I thought it became too saturated when everyone decided it was their thing as well.

I felt like this could have gone forever, but as I look around at the bloggers I once admired–they no longer write. They have gone and done things far away from the internet land and lived wonderful lives, and who’s to say when one can only imagine.

I think I may have out-grown blogging. I’m older now and have kids. I have tried to balance my free time to blog and to spend time with my family. It takes a lot of time to properly commit. When I first started, I was married and had no dependents. Life can take you on so many adventures and experience new life chapters. That’s where I have been in the last few years–but if this was my full time job, it might have been a different conservation.

The pandemic, the lockdowns and home schooling are what is currently consuming my time. The last post I mentioned about not enough free time, well I kid you not, it’s past midnight and I’m taken back to a known place of blogging or writing at this hour. I know I should be sleeping. I could go on about being sleep deprived and life stress, but just know, I do plan to write something here.

Maybe this could be a journal that is the next chapter of my “blogging”. Older posts will stay online, but that may all change by the end of the year when I can finally make up my mind on what the real future holds for the caryl edit.

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