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The Darling Jodie Nourishing Range By GLAMOURFLAGE


I have been incorporating Glamourflage‘s latest skincare collection from The Darling Jodie range. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, they are an Australian skincare and makeup brand with a flirty personality and class of a 1940/50s pin up girl influence. Continue reading to learn more about these products.

“Each one of our products comes uniquely packaged with an individual story from a glamorous 1940/50’s pin up girl who will take you on a journey into her exciting and fun life! We believe in order to become a glamour-puss, every lady of the house must be pampered from head to toe.” – Glamourflage.

*Nourishing Cleanser 100g $19

This cleanser is described as a gentle cleanser that cleanses facial dirt, excess oil and balances the skin pH, whilst leaving skin  look supple and feel smooth without drying or feel tight.

I found this creamy foam cleanser to cleanse my skin, as it felt refreshing. However, since it has an intoxicating fragrance, it led me to believe it left my skin feeling dry. I used this cleanser a few more times to see if I would get the same reaction and it has, which sadly I could no longer use. The foaming cleanser has a generous lather which without the scent, would possibly make my experience in using this product far better. But sadly, this was a miss for me.

*Nourishing Toner 150ml $28

This toner is described as a moist skin softener containing nourishing ingredients to help retain moisture and reduce fine lines.

I found this toner to have an essence consistency, which confused me a bit. I felt it acted more like what a treatment, lotion or an essence would feel. My general understanding of a toner is to be a more thin liquid or water-like texture. If a toner and a serum had a baby—an essence would be it’s baby, kind of like this product. This also has a fragrant, however more subtle than the cleanser. I did feel this left my skin soft to touch and when I layered more products on my skin, it didn’t feel heavy, but rather felt more hydrated.

I could understand if this toner was a 2-in-1 (toner and an essence/treatment/lotion, whatever you want to call it), but the consistency is on the thicker side, which confused me. It’s a good product, but perhaps renaming the product to avoid confusion.

*Nourishing Essence 30ml $39

This essence is described as being enriched with nourishing ingredients such as macadamia oil and jojoba oil, as it helps to deeply replenish nutrients and helps to lock in water to give a supple and smooth skin appearance.

I found this serum to have a lightweight consistency that is easily absorbed into the skin. This essence has a thin texture compared to other treatment essences I have used from other brands. It has a 2 part solution that you must mix together before using (shake before use). Again there is a lovely fragrant but it is hardly as overwhelming as the first 2 products already mentioned above.

It comes with a long dropper which I found easy to disperse a few drops for my face and neck. I could already feel my skin enjoying this, as it is absorbed quickly without it leaving an oily residue. This product makes layering subsequent products with ease, as it isn’t a heavy product even used on its own. This product is suitable for all skin types including dry, dehydrated and severely dry skin types.

You can find the full range of The Darling Jodie Nourishing on their website. To be updated with the latest Glamourflage, be sure to follow them on their social media Twitter and Facebook.


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