The DERMAENERGY 10 Day Cleansing Challenge

Cleansing your skin is an essential step to promote a healthy skin. Most commonly, we single cleanse our face with a non-active cleanser (water-based). Double cleansing is all about using 2 different cleansers, something oily to attract makeup and sebum, and something water-based to eliminate sweat and pollution. I have decided to take up the Dermaenergy 10 day challenge. Continue reading to learn more about my skin cleansing journey.

“If you’re feeling as if your skin needs a good scrub, it’s generally telling you that your skin has not been cleaned properly. You wouldn’t clean your teeth without a brush, so why clean your face with just your fingers?” – Dermaenergy.

*Derma Brush White $10

This derma brush has become a staple in my skincare routine. I found it both effective as it cleansed my skin using gentle cleansers as well as using physical exfoliators. I preferred to apply the product to this brush instead of hand to skin option. After wetting my face with water, the fine silicone rubber teeth, which are non-abrasive to the skin adds air promoting more intense foaming for a superior clean. It was an unusual feeing at first but now feels more relaxing to massage brush in circular motion to skin.

*Clean With Envy 200ml $44

This clean with envy is gentle as it cleanses skin without stripping away natural oils. It keeps skin feel nourished and most importantly clean. I found I could also use this as a morning and evening cleanser for my 10 day challenge. In the first four days, I did double cleanse my face to see how this and an oily base product would worked together to properly clean my skin. For the remaining day 5 to day 8, I switched my night cleanser to this one, as I found it much more gentle when I introduced a new product to my routine that broke my skin. All thanks to this cleanser it continued to keep my skin appeared nourished and clean despite my skin breaking out in dry skin patches around my jaw and mouth areas. This is suitable for all skin types, especially those who suffer from an oily and greasy skin–great for daily makeup wearers.

*A Mean Clean 200ml $44

This a mean clean tough foaming gel cleanser that contains AHAs that made a difference as it gently exfoliated the skin to remover any excess makeup, oil build up and other impurities. I used this product for the first four nights of the challenge as part of the double cleansing method. While this was effective, I did notice my skin reacting a bit and so I stopped using it after the fourth night and then picking it back up on nights 9 and 10. Other days, I opted to use this as my morning cleanser. This is suitable for all skin types, but it’s ideal for an oily/acne and ageing skin type.


After using both cleansers separately twice a day and double cleansed using another product as well as these cleansers, my skin have slowly began to look better than it had before. I felt that the derma brush was essentially what drove my skin to looking it’s best at present. You can tell the difference from washing skin with hands versus washing face with a derma brush that gives the gentlest clean. There’s no irritation when I used this tool and have found it to be very effective that I have continued to use it after the challenge with my other cleansers. After 10 days, my skin has felt softer, smoother, my shiny skin is more controlled, my large pores have minimised and some acne scarring have even faded a bit better. People have noticed how good my skin have looked and for me it’s all thanks to derma brush, the gamer changer tool in skincare.

Have you tried this 10 Day Cleansing Challenge?