The Jojoba Company is a brand I have seen on social media over the years but have never tried their products. I have been curious about them and their cult fave Australian Jojoba facial oil. This is on my wish list and hope to try it some day, but for now, I have been given an opportunity to try a range of skincare products tailored for combination skin types. The Jojoba Company are an Australian family owned company with co-founders: Ian Turner and Vicki Engsall, a father and daughter team back in 2008. The brand uses Aussie grown Jojoba in its entire skin care collections. Continue reading to learn more about the balancing range.

THE JOJOBA COMPANY: Balancing Range 5

Citrus Gel Cleanser 125ml $29.95*

The citrus gel cleanser (formally purifying citrus foaming cleanser) is best described as a non-drying cleanser with anti-bacterial properties to help decongest, clear and regulate oil production. Its key ingredients include: jojoba, Canadian willow herb, niacinamide (vitamin b3), soapworts extract, chamomile and mountain pepper berry.

The citrus gel cleanser was used for 2 months exclusively as part of my morning and evening skincare routines. I used approximately a pea and half size to cleanse my face, neck and décolletage areas with damp skin. I massaged for 30 seconds with my fingertips and then followed up with a dermabrush for an extra 30 seconds to gently exfoliate skin, and then rinsed with warm water.

From the first use, I noticed just how naturally fragrant this citrus cleanser was. It kept my skin cleansed, nourished and soft. It also helped to soften, smooth and unclogged pores, as well as minimised the appearance of large pores around my cheek areas. My skin continues to look less irritated, skin appeared calm and minimal excess oil production. I felt that my skin has improved over the course of 2 months as mentioned above, with which I have exclusively used this product as my step one. The cleanser comes in a clear gel texture that melts and cleanses skin without it stripping down natural oils. This is absolutely one of my favourite cleansers to date and since writing this review, I have already finished it. I can’t rave enough how much this cleanser has surprised me, but my skin thanks it everyday!

THE JOJOBA COMPANY: Balancing Range 3

Skin Balancing Oil 30ml $39.95*

The skin balancing oil (formally oily skin balanced) is best described as a clinically proven jojoba based oil that is said to help reduce oil production and pore size, whilst helping to improve skin texture, elasticity and softness. Its key ingredients include: jojoba, calla Lily & bakuchoil, parsley seed, juniperberry oil and grape seed oil.

I used this facial oil every second day as my final step into my evening skincare routine. I apply about 4 drops to my face and neck areas. I found this is a rich facial oil and can get away with not having to layer this before or after a moisturiser. I found that my skin doesn’t need it and so this becomes my facial oil and moisturiser step in my night time routine.

The skin balancing oil leaves a soothed, calm and dewy finish. It helps with nourishing my skin and contributes to minimising the appearance of pore size, as well as the skin texture around my cheeks. I wake up to skin looking supple, smooth and healthier in appearance.

THE JOJOBA COMPANY: Balancing Range 4

Daily Light Moisturiser 50ml $32.95*

The daily light moisturiser is best described as a clinically proven day cream that has been formulated to balance an oily t-zone and help to control oil production, as it helps to soothe skin and reduce redness. Its key ingredients include: jojoba, avocado, prickly pear cactus oil, aloe vera, jojoba esters and cucumber oil.

This is the one product from this collection that I haven’t used nearly as much as the cleanser and facial oil. For me this has a mild creamy consistency that a little goes a long way. Not quite a rich texture but you only need about a pea size to apply to your face and neck daily. It feels lightweight on the skin after it has been massage well and allow for it to be absorbed. It leaves skin a comfortable matte finish. I used it every other day and when I’m staying at home. I’m not as consistent when it comes to using a moisturiser in the morning if it doesn’t contain spf.

I do like that it helps to control oil production around my t-zone, which also helps to mattify, cools and softens up any fine lines surfacing my skin. This is not to say it’s my least fave from this range, but would prefer it if contained spf so that I can be consistent when incorporating this product in my morning skincare routine.

Overall, I have found the balancing range to be a great starting point for those with combination skin types. Also if you prefer minimal skincare routines, then this is perfect for that in your morning skincare routines.

The Jojoba Company balancing range and the rest of the brand’s products can be found online and at selected chemists and pharmacies nationwide via: