The Limited Edition CHANEL Factory 5

CHANEL N°5 marks the occasion of 100 years of celebrity in 2021. The factory 5 collection from the most iconic fragrance had undergone a transformation and created the 17 limited-edition products.


Dressing these objects with the N°5 identity, they become luxurious, iconic products, while keeping their own designs. Taking everyday products allows for a less intimidating approach and creates new opportunities for daily exposure to the absolute wonder that is N°5. – Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Chanel’s head of global creative resources, fragrance and beauty.


The collection included:


N°5 the body oil, N°5 the shower gel (tubes), N°5 the bath tablets, N°5 the body cream, N°5 the body lotion (tubes), N°5 l’eau the mystery box, N°5 the soap, N°5 the shower gel (tin), N°5 the sparkling body gel, N°5 the body lotion, N°5 the shower gel, N°5 eau de parfum spray, N°5 l’eau spray, N°5 l’eau purse spray, N°5 l’eau purse spray refills, N°5 bottle, N°5 the decorative tape.


N°5 CHANEL PARIS Gel Douche Shower Gel 5 x 0.7 oz AU$90

The CHANEL N°5 shower gel is packaged in this itty-bitty artist’s paint tubes that are housed in a black and white CHANEL N°5 box. The shower gel has a creamy, foam texture that leaves a lightly scent skin and a velvety soft. The formula offers a voluptuous experience of the N°5 floral bouquet.


I haven’t tried this shower gel, but hoping for future travels, I will take it along with me and give my skin some serious pampering.


N°5 CHANEL PARIS Le Savon The Soap 60g AU$60

The CHANEL N°5 the soap is packaged in what resembles a metal shoe polish tin. A collector’s item in the signature black and white CHANEL tin. The bar soap is said to produce a light weight and creamy lather. The scent here is similarly found with the body cream, however, not nearly as intoxicating as the body cream.


I have repurposed the metal shoe polish tin as a trinket tray. It can carry fashion jewellery, medicine or other tiny purse friendly items such as extra hair tie, bandaids, hair clips, and gum.


N°5 CHANEL PARIS La Creme Corps The Body Cream 150ml AU$115

The CHANEL N°5 the body cream is described as a rich and enveloping, luxurious cream that helps to soften, comfort and hydrate skin for up to 8 hours. The scent composition is seen as a very feminine, sensual floral bouquet of may rose and jasmine.


The body cream comes in a white 150ml metal tube, black font with a white plastic twist cap. This type of packaging is one of my favourites that kind of brings a cool and classic vibe.


If you are familiar with the CHANEL N°5 scent, it may be your favourite or if you’re like me, had never tried it before. I have used the body cream a couple of times, but had to stop because the scent was quite overwhelming. It had a strong powdery, musky scent that I imagine mature older women would use. Aside from the scent, I was pleasantly surprised by the rich texture and how easily it was to massage into my skin after showering. I could feel my skin soaking up the cream as it was hydrating and kept my skin feel soft, and supple overnight.


I have seen the launch of the CHANEL Factory 5 back in July, I have seen them popping up on eBAY for double or triple the price. I understand that some of them may be collectors items, however, I don’t think they are worth the high price these sellers are trying to sell them for. Anyway, I think these products aren’t a necessity, but I wanted to just treat myself surviving lockdown.


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