The No Nonsense Haircare Staples

Hair care products for me aren’t treated the same way I do with my facial skincare. I don’t have a loyalty for brands I swear by when it comes to using hair care products, the way I do for some of my skincare products. I’m one of those that like to try a few different things from different brands and see how they work together as a team. These products were sent for review consideration, courtesy of AMR Hair & Beauty, Australia’s leading beauty supplier.

I recently had my hair rebonded (chemically hair straightened), but previously, my natural hair was thick, frizzy, wavy, and in need of a haircut and colour (I still need to do this) badly. While this topic is no-nonsense, it is just that, straight up a few products that I happen to be trialling on my hair lately.

*18 in 1 Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol & Vitamin E Smoothing Cream AU$17.90 – This product isn’t rocket science, but it does a good job at not weighing down my hair. It’s helped with fly aways (tiny hairs at the top of our head that don’t know what to do with themselves). It also protects my hair from heat of blow-dryers and provides thermal protection when I use a hair straightener to get that ultra sleek, drop dead gorgeous straight hair. This smoothing cream becomes the protective layer as it acts as a shield when hair is exposed to harmful UV rays. The product is cruelty free and is Australian made.

*Fonola Nutricare Conditioner AUS$16 – Since having my hair chemically rebonded and have had my hair coloured, it only made sense to use the right kind of conditioner to prolong coloured hair. Also help damage hair from chemicals to keep hair hydrated, nourished, soft and have the appearance and feel of healthy hair. This conditioner smells sweet like thick icing on a cake. I use it as a leave-in conditioner, applying from mid section to ends of my wet hair. I leave it on and then rinse after 3 minutes. My hair becomes more manageable as I style it using the tangle tonic brush. This product was made in Italy.

*Glammar Tangle Tonic Brush Rose Gold AU$5.95 – I have used tangle brushes in the past to help combat those nasty tangles and generally give my hair a nice healthy outlook. I have used this since receiving over Christmas 2016 and have loved it. It’s helped to detangle knots while hair was wet and even when hair was dry; the brush is gentle on sensitive scalps. The important thing is that the ends of my hair don’t break and hasn’t caused any split ends.

*Glammar Tangle Ties Pink & Blue (3pack) AU$2 – I’ve repeatedly used those black hair ties that break easily as I go through a packet of them every week. I wasn’t sure what these were, aside from the fact that they clearly look like old school telephone cords that you might have grown up with. 😉  These ring ties stretch, but they don’t loose their shape. They hold my ponytail and bun in place, and I don’t ever feel like I’ll have an on coming headache. When you have your hair up then take it down, it doesn’t leave that obvious mark on your head. It’s magic.

What are your no nonsense haircare staples?

Anything marked with an asterisk * were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest & unbiased. Some links provided may be affiliated links.