THIN LIZZY Flawless Complexion Kit, Concealer + Mineral Foundation

I more than often stay up late catching up on emails and planning out my blog posts for the week. This is usually the time of the night where I have time to myself, but also focus on my writing. Naturally, I also have the TV on, which means I see and listen to a variety of commercials. One that keeps coming back is the Thin Lizzy Makeup.

“Create and make accessible high quality ‘best of the best’ products that can be used by anyone, at any age, on any income – because everybody should have the opportunity to look good and feel glamorous.” – Thin Lizzy Makeup.

*Concealer 15ml $29.95

This concealer creme is ideal to hide those stubborn blemishes, dark circles, discolouration, birth marks and even tattoos. The consistency is a rich creme that a little goes a long way as it offers a high full coverage. Minx is perfect for beauties with medium skin tones that know they have a yellow undertone. Ingredients include: beeswax, ginger extract and chamomile help with longevity, sooth irritable skin and cover up unwanted blemishes.

I found this concealer just as good to use as a foundation that overall covered some minor blemishes and scars. I also found it did not oxidise throughout wear. There are 8 shades available and are suitable for all skin types.

*Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation Kit Minx 28ml $44.99

This flawless complexion kit contains a blurring brush, a blending sponge and a liquid foundation that claims to give a buildable medium to full coverage. I first tested the liquid foundation using the blurring brush, however, found that hairs from the brush had fallen out and transferred to my skin. The foundation felt a little drying that it hugged around my already dry skin, especially around my chin, near my smile line and on my left cheek area where large Asian pores linger. Though the foundation did well to cover up some blemishes and scars, it did give my skin a medium coverage with a matte finish. I found it was a little more drying than I would like and wear within an hour, the foundation had oxidised to an orange shade around my jawline, which was disappointing.

The minx shade, although it should have been a close match to my skin tone, was not close enough that it appeared darker than I had expected. I also decided to change from using the blurring brush to my usual foundation brush from another brand that I tried to save blending this foundation on my skin. The orange blending sponge, I felt didn’t work, as it made the liquid foundation patchy instead of it looking smooth and flawless. Sadly this kit was not my favourite from the brand.

*Compact Mineral Foundation Minx 10g $39.95

This compact mineral foundation comes with a flawless fibre powder brush to help with lightly swiping over skin to give a natural flawless finish. I found this to be better for my skin at the time of testing without any glitches. The mineral foundation did not oxidised which surprised me, but with a light hand at applying to my face, I did notice how smooth and natural this product looked over my skin without it hugging my dry skin patches. The fibre brush felt soft and comfortable as I used it to apply this foundation and have used to apply blushes. This product is suitable for or sensitive and acne-prone skin types.

Have you used Thin Lizzy Makeup?