UNiDAYS – A Student’s Haven for Retail Therapy

A Student's Haven for Retail Therapy - UNiDAYS 1

Have you guys heard about UNiDAYS? Well if you are a student and you have not, then you are missing out! These folks are a FREE student discount company that you can register with online or via their mobile app, offering student discount online and in store. Who does not love finding ways to save when shopping online or in store?

When I was in uni a few years back, I stumbled on UNiDAYS and it had changed the way I could save whenever I needed to do a bit of retail therapy shopping. You know what it is like with uni assessments and exams, it can take a lot out of you and the only way to de-stress, well for me, it was online shopping. I would go online in between study breaks just to see what I could buy using the UNiDAYS discount codes. These are some of the amazing brands that UNiDAYS have partnered with and there are many more!


Knowing I could easily register and log into this website for FREE, a simple, no sign-up fee or membership card, which can easily be misplaced, and whilst having a job on the side, I did not have to break the bank for every time I made a purchase.

Also, these discounts are available 24/7 and may change from time to time, but you will always get the best savings. If we can stretch that dollar even further, I think you would want to, am I right?


So go on, check out UNiDAYS website http://www.myunidays.com/ or by downloading their FREE app (available from both Android and the App Store) and see how much you can save and what amazing deals you will find. You may come across that your favourite clothing, accessories or makeup store offers discounts that may not be available to the general public, but exclusive just for students.

To be updated with UNiDAYS, make sure you follow them on their social media links: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ☞☞ Click on this link to register and get instant access! ☜☜

Image Credit: UNiDAYS.

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