Update ~ My No Buy Makeup Challenge | Week 10

Update ~ My No Buy Makeup Challenge | Week 10

It seems ever so long ago when I first came around to catching up with you guys on My No Buy Makeup Challenge journey. We are heading into week 10 now and a lot has happened since my last update. Firstly, if you recall, I unsubscribed to many of the beauty brands I have held subscriptions to avoid having any kind of contact to online shopping for makeup. 

Though this has worked for most of the time, I later found that I could still successfully visit those online brands. Thankfully, I was not tempted enough to go ahead and buy anything. I could add makeup into my online cart, but never submit myself to actually fulfilling an order. Maybe it is a good thing I am able to restrain my want to buy makeup online that I know I do not need.

I also mentioned about upcoming makeup product launches, these were difficult to avoid, especially on instagram. I really thought at one point I would break and rush to my local Priceline for the NYX Cosmetics launch. I was so eager to swatch new makeup products I have been excited to try, but wanted to wait for them to finally be available at Priceline. I did nothing, but click❤️ on the instagram photo and with that gave me some kind of satisfaction that the want was not going to win.

Update ~ My No Buy Makeup Challenge | Week 10 2

If you follow me on snapchat and remembered me walking into a Sephora store and walking out with a wish list card, then you may be wondering if I did try on makeup. YES, I did. I had a sales associate test makeup on my face for “colour matching” for future makeup purchases. I kind of felt guilty even when I came out empty handed. The same goes for Mecca Maxima, I was in a local store recently and did a similar stint and walked out with another wish list card. Though the last time I was at Mecca, I proudly walked out with a bag of a few skincare that were new-to-me products at the time.

I really need to focus on my existing makeup collection, as I have yet to finish any product since the start of this no buy challenge. From my failed attempts at hitting pan on my 3 year old translucent pressed powder, scoop or squeeze the sucker out of foundation or concealer bottles and forever begging the Gods to let me see the end of a lipstick tube. I have come to an early conclusion that I may struggle to share some kind of empties post around this challenge. If I think long enough and remember that I may still be in the running to finish a couple of liquid lipsticks. Fingers crossed that when it happens, maybe it will be proof that I am trying to use up my makeup. Until next time..

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