Update ~ My No Buy Makeup Challenge | Week 20

Update ~ My No Buy Makeup Challenge | Week 20

Since my last update, a lot has happened. And I am sure you will be disappointed as much as I do while I type this blog post for you today. Right after that last update had gone live (week 10), I had fallen back into my old habits and shopped for makeup. A habit of wanting to buy some of the newest makeup products online. I just enjoy the thrill of buying makeup that I have accumulated since week 10 and we are now coming into week 20. 

To try and justify my purchases, I had gift cards and I do not know if you include that in this challenge. I bought some things using gift cards, others were given to me as gifts, and the more recent purchases are for an upcoming giveaway, which I hope will happen when I hit 1.5k followers on Instagram. Help me get there so I can host this giveaway already!

Update ~ My No Buy Makeup Challenge | Week 20 a

Do you think I did much damage? Even when most of the purchases came from someone else, do you think it is still okay? I do still feel guilty for “buying“, but not upset that I started to use them, well in this case, only for the It Cosmetics CC+ with SPF 50+ Cream and Billion Dollar Brows Brows on Point Waterproof Micro Brow Pencil.

So where do I go from here? Since I broke my no buy makeup challenge promise, I will still continue to update and see how I go, as I do not think I could just end it here. What have I learnt thus far? I am a weak soul when it comes to the temptation of buying makeup. I have stumbled and have fallen, but I still have two and half months to make up for it, I guess. Until, next time..

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