Update ~ My No Buy Makeup Challenge | Week 4

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This is my first catch up with you guys on My No Buy Makeup Challenge. This coming week is week 4 and while a month is almost gone, I have to say there were a number of times I was so close to putting makeup products in my basket at the shops when I go grocery shopping. I am definitely struggling to not buy any makeup, even when I have not bought anything prior to this challenge. So a pat on my shoulder that I am surviving June. 

I know there are a bunch of new makeup products out now and due to come out in the coming months. If I take it day by day, I sure hope to keep my hands in my pocket and try not to swatch anything or attempt to enter any makeup aisle.

What has limited my browsing on the web is actually unsubscribing to all the makeup brands I previously were subscribed to, which made things a bit easier to not know what was NEW and so forth. It is however, inevitable to see makeup commercials and going into shopping malls for all the makeup advertisements on show. But, so far, I can safely say, I have not been tempted enough to buy any makeup and I am proud to have almost reached the end of 1 month.

I am learning to adjust to things and focusing more on using what I currently own, which is not much nowadays, but it is still something to appreciate. Lets hope the next month gets easier and the positivity continues.

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