Valentine’s Eve Skin Prep Picks

As you know, St. Valentine’s Day (aka Valentine’s Day) is tomorrow. For those of you girls that like to prep your skin before the day/night of spending time with your special someone or if you’re single and still like to pamper your skin, then this post is for all for you.

To begin, you will need a trustworthy cleanser/exfoliator or either one that you know will help to draw out impurities or debris off your skin (aka dead skin). This *Clinique Pep-Start Cleanser/Exfoliator has made my skin look clean and feel fresh without stripping away the natural oils . Follow on with your favourite face toner or micellaire water. I like to use Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner, a great facial toner that helps to remove any missed dirt from cleansing. This also calms, cools, as well as tightens pores and leaves skin matte.

This next part is optional or you can do this after using a face sheet mask, which ever you prefer. I continue my routine with a face serum. I pick *Botani Olive Skin Serum, as it is a light, non-oily formulation that is quickly absorbed into the skin, as it locks in moisture. This can be a great substitute for using a face moisturiser and an eye cream. It helps with minimising the appearance of fine lines, acne scarring and calms redness when my skin experiences sensitivity.

I enjoy adding a face sheet mask as part of my evening skincare regiment every so often. Pick a face mask that doesn’t require you to wash your face afterwards. This Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care is my all time favourite. This sheet mask helps with uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, as it’s also very nourishing to my skin. I leave this on until the sheet mask is dry and falling off my face and any left over serum in the packet, I massage on to my neck and décolletage.

After skin has dried from using face mask, I move on to my evening moisturiser. I chose Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream, as it is the perfect moisturiser that will help to minimise the appearance of tired and dull skin. Infused with key botanical ingredients such as Lavender Essential Oil, it renews, soothes and calms skin. Also, a rare Plant Extracts & Adenosine, as it energises skin to help reduce the look of tired and dull skin so you wake up looking refreshed and have a well rested skin.

Lastly, we can’t forget our lips. You can skin prep your lips by using a toothbrush or a lip scrub. Once you’ve done this, use your favourite lip balm, my pick is Go-To Skincare Lips! this will help to restore, rescue dry and cracked lips. It will bring your lips back to life, leaves lips hydrated, supple, soft and give you kissable lips. Perfect for lipstick application on Valentine’s Day.

What’s your skin prep picks for this Valentine’s Eve?

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