VONBLÜ Semi-Matte Lipstick in Militär

VonBlü is a brand that is very new to me. I first heard about them through a couple of blogger friends. After recently attending Beauty Heaven’s 10th Birthday bash, where I found this lipstick in the goodie bag that were given to us after the event. Most of you know I have a weak spot for lipstick, so it was no surprise this became the first product from the gift bag I wanted to try and review.

“The name VonBlü originates from a military leader named Gebhard Leberecht Von Blücher, who was best known for the defeat of Emperor Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.” – VonBlü.

VonBlü Cosmetics is an Australian owned and produces semi-matte lipsticks that guarantees you are made from natural ingredients, are 100% vegan and are cruelty free.

Although I am not a complete lipstick hoarder, I do love a good lipstick as much as the next person. This lipstick has this unique ‘pop’ tube clicks securely shut, which is kind of gimmicky, but I see why it was created this way. No body wants the cap of a lipstick bullet lost at the bottom of a cluttered handbag with the lipstick being damaged and painting the interior of your favourite bag. It is a smart idea and something I wish other lipstick / makeup brands would follow.

*Militär Lipstick 3.6g AU$29

The colour Militär appears to be this peachy-nude shade that is perfect for daily wear to complete your ‘no makeup-makeup look‘ or tie in your simple but clean makeup look. The formula has a semi-matte finish that is lightweight, creamy and pigmented, as it offers buildable coverage. It also contains vitamin E to hydrate and retain moisture to your lips. There are twelve lipsticks in this range that were named from Blücher’s first service in the Swedish army.

Overall, I found this lipstick to sit comfortably even on dry, chapped lips. The pigmentation is amazing and it doesn’t bleed outside of the lips. I only apply a thin or one coat to my lips and I am done. This shade can wash my skin tone out, but feel it would best suit someone with a fair-light or dark skin complexion.

You can purchase this lipstick and view the rest in the collection on the VonBlü website. Please check out their social media if you want to be updated with the most recent info: Facebook and Instagram.

Have you tried these VonBlü lipsticks? Which shade is your favourite?


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