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Since trying to fall pregnant with my first child about four years ago something triggered my skin that would leave me with dry, inflamed and itchy skin on my hands. It’s been that long that I would consistently and still struggle with controlling my eczema on my hands. If you have ever experienced eczema it is a skin condition that affects different parts of your body where patches of skin can become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked and rough. It can also form from blisters that can cause a cycle of discomfort and affect quality of life.

I’ve been prescribed with steroid creams and ointments to help soothe, calm and temporarily heal the effected areas. I’ve tried drugstore branded hand creams and had used one from a known brand a couple of years ago, which did help. Since winter had been much drier and colder this time, my itchy, inflamed hands—eczema had decided to make its come back. I’ve resorted to using fragrance-free hand creams and tried to go the natural route. I recently attended a Natural Beauty Month event with Beauty Heaven and discovered Weleda. I’ve tried their products in the past many years ago but had never thought it would help with my dry skin issues. Fast forward into the present day, I am using their cult fave skin food.

Before I continue to review this product, if you don’t know, eczema is often an inherited skin condition. My mum had it, so I experienced it in my childhood before getting it full blown during both of my pregnancies. My eldest son had it when he was a baby, but my youngest just had a subtle taste of it on his thighs.

Eczema doesn’t retain moisture very well which causes the skin to dry out easily. This means it can make skin prone to allergens, irritants and trigger the skin to release chemicals that make skin itchy. Adult eczema often occurs in areas that can be very dry and itchy, especially around the elbow crease, wrists, neck, ankles and behind the knees. I don’t ever recall having experienced eczema around these parts of my body but my hands and shin. If you want to learn more about eczema, check out ASCIA.

Skin Food 30ml $14.95*

The skin food range have been a cult fave and must-have since 1926. It is described as a rich and thick cream that is blended with extracts of pansy, organic rosemary, chamomile, calendula, organic sunflower, seed oil, sweet almond and beeswax. The combination of these ingredients work to intensively nourish, soothe dry and rough skin.

This skin food is suitable to use all over the body and face, and is seen as a multitasker like hydrating elbows, softening cracked heels, replenishing overworked hands, an intense treatment for dry feet, can heal dry lips and nose. It can also be used as a face mask, a make up primer or a highlighter for cheekbones.

What I have been using this product for is the flaring eczema on my hands, especially around my knuckles and between my fingers. It does have a rich and thick texture so you don’t want to use too much as it can leave an oily residue, but nothing like blotting a facial tissue between your palms will do the trick at taking that away. I applied this cream 3 times a day paying particular attention at night before bed. I found that after a solid 5 days, my skin had looked hydrated, nourished, soothed from inflamed, itchy and dry peeling skin. The itchiness has subsided and the sores have closed up. My hands still feel dry at times but that could be due to me not drinking enough water and my skin being dehydrated. For the condition this skin food has left my skin feeling much more calm and soothed than it has been in a long time.

This might be a miracle, but after typing this review, I have finished using this product. I’ve ran out and due to buy more. This is a new staple for me for when my skin develops eczema, but I love that I have found a product that is cruelty-free, natural and safe for my skin.

The skin food is available in 2 size: 30ml and 75ml. Weleda is available online and in store at selected chemists, pharmacies, health food stores nationally, and via: www.weleda.com.au to find your nearest stockist.

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