What’s in a Blog Name?

What's in a Blog Name?

This is completely outside of what I write about, but I just wanted to chat with you guys about my struggles with my blog site. You can not miss me doing a number of updates and then not updating with regards to template changes and blog name changes. It is what is it and I have definitely gone through a massive change over the past year.

If you guys remembered, I moved from wordpress dot com to wordpress dot org and have given this blog a makeover like a hundred times. Honestly, I was unhappy with how my blog looked and even when I said I was content then, I really was not and of course I had to find reasons to say those things and calm myself down.

Now, I realised that I will probably never be content with anything, purely for the fact that things will always change and I have to accept that it is out of my control. Just yesterday I made another change up with this blog and you would have already noticed that, so I will not say much more. Did I make the right decision? I do not know, but what I do know is that I was always having a blog identity crisis since I started blogging. Not knowing what to call my blog when I first signed up with wordpress. I may have signed up to five different names before I got to where I am today.

Looking at what I have achieved and where I now feel I am in the right path, my new blog name: the caryl edit is where this blog will stay. I hope I have not confused anyone and I welcome your feedback and comments below. Thank you for staying around and showing your support. If I do not say this enough, I really appreciate your time in checking out my blog, liking my posts and leaving your comments. Have a great week. x

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