WHY KNOT Get Tied This Valentine’s Day?

Are you ever indecisive when it comes to which piece of accessory would compliment your overall outfit? Whether that be a piece of jewellery, a certain type of purse, a scarf or even a bow tie? Melbourne’s newest design house – Why Knot Ties, designed by Vince Massara, knows just how to keep you looking your best with their premium range of high quality printed bow ties.

“Whether you’re looking to dress up for a wedding or add some extra swag and style to your weekend outfit, Why Knot Ties will keep you fashionably fresh and ready for anything!” – WHY KNOT TIES.

Baby Model Harlon is wearing an Floral Bow Tie: Maroon*

These bow ties are suitable for all ages and are non-gender specific. They are the ideal accessory for anyone wanting to create a classic or suave look that complements a casual, smart or formal attire. These statement bow ties from Why Knot Ties are an instant crowd conversation starter, as well as a great way to understand the importance of individuality and personal style.

The fashion-forward funky styles reflect a unique expression from 90’s inspired, floral bouquets right through to bold fruity flavour designs. The bow ties are made from polyester with high-quality print, it consists of an easy clip and adjustable neckband. Measures: 11.5cm x 5.5cm. They come in a luxe storage box.

Baby Model Harlon is wearing an Offset Diamond: Maroon*

They have taken their styling service to the next level, as they know that time and money are valuable. They have created a premium Why Knot Ties subscription service to ensure convenience and outfit confidence all year round. The unique statement bow ties is priced at $24.99 that includes a luxe display box. These are a great gift idea for that someone special in your life, such as a gift for Valentine’s Day, or simply gift it to yourself.

If you can’t decide which bow tie you want to wear or to gift away, why not join the Bow Tie monthly subscription service that will help to keep your closet look fresh. A yearly subscription is priced at RRP$199 p/a (includes 1 month free trial) OR a monthly subscription is priced at RRP$19 p/m (includes 1 month free trial).  Visit Why Knot Ties website to view their selection of bow tie designs.

What accessory will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day?



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