Winter Essentials – Hand Creams on Rotation

When it comes to winter time, my hands have become accustomed to having hand creams lathered up on them. I’ve battled with having eczema for most of my life and only a few years ago did I experienced one of my worst times. I was pregnant with my son when I had a major breakout of eczema on my legs and most of all between my fingers.

I had been prescribed with steroid creams and ointments, which worked that time. I was glad that the eczema is now under control, but winter is again here and my hands have been dry and at times itchy. As much as I want to rely on using prescription creams and ointments, I would rather use products that didn’t contain harsh chemicals. I’ve narrowed down my current hand creams on rotation this season and you may even recognise a favourite of yours on here.

Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Hand Cream 50ml

This time maybe last year or the one before, I’ve talked about Dr Jart+ ceramidin hand cream. I’ve used it previously as a hand cream after my eczema had cleared up and it helped to hydrate dry skin and minimised the itchy feeling I some times get with other hand creams. This cream hydrates the skin barrier from within and prevents chronic water loss. It enhances the skin’s natural strength and function for smoother, and softer skin. This is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates and is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.

*Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Hand Cream (limited edition Pink) 100ml

This is a hand cream that is new-to-me, but I’m up for exploring what’s out there and giving them a go. This nutri-rich hand cream is scented, but doesn’t bother my eczema flaring up. It contains vitamins c, e and the classic apricot kernel oil, as it replenishes hands and nails, leaving them soft, smooth and comfortable. I use this mostly during the day and enjoy the subtle apricot scent that fades away over time. This is great for beauties that experience dry skin and ageing skin. The pink limited edition tube gives this a luxury feel just like the smooth and creamy texture of this hand cream.

The Chemistry Brand HA3 Hand Hydrator 60ml

This is another new-to-me hand cream I discovered, while I was exploring the deciem website one afternoon. I wasn’t looking for anything specific other than curing dry skin in general. I depend on this hand cream before bed time and I have to say this is amazing. I usually would use Dr Jart+, but after discovering this little gem, it has become my bedtime staple. It is enriched with mango butter and omega fatty acids to heal and soothe hands and I use this at night because it is long lasting and promotes continued hydration all night and into the next day. It’s like a glove as it deeply retains moisture and has this protective barrier. This is great for dry and severe skin types, as it leaves hand generally soft, smooth and smells great too!

What are you favourite hand creams to relieve dry skin?


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