Winter Lips With YSL BEAUTY


This year, I have had opportunities to explore more of YSL Beauty and I have been so far amazed at the quality in regards to their range of liquid lipsticks. To simply put—you won’t be disappointed! YSL showcases some crazy, bold and wearable colours, the wearable ones I use regularly! I have a few lipsticks in my bag, which I refuse to switch up because of how attached I have become and I’m loving them to bits.

Who knew that the best selling liquid lipstick came from the line: VERNES A LEVRES? YSL launched a limited edition of holographic finishes. They are described as intense with electric, fuse-blowing colour saturation. There are 6 shades (arcade pink, electric burgundy, neon prune, rose glitch, video red, orange gaming) and 2 top coats (white and black).

*Holographics Glossy Stain 505 Video Red 6ml $57

The limited edition the holographics glossy stain collection has a gorgeous silver and gold packaging with the signature style YSL. The colours appear to be deep and bright, which means there maybe one of more that’s made for you. The gloss stains the lips for longevity and has a fine holographic pearl sheen in the formula. The way it works is that the holographic finish adds a dimension to your lips and give you high voltage colour pay-off, just like high shine lip glosses with glitter.

Video red, has a throwback feel—eighties and maybe early nineties. The collection is colourful and if you grew up in that era, you’d remember how colourful it was and perhaps you’d recall playing dress ups, imitating your mum wearing her makeup—her perfectly red lipstick that was mesmerising and powerful—just as you probably sensed your mum was then. Although, I wasn’t into wearing my mum’s makeup, but I was certainly into wearing her high heels and that’s another story!

*Volupté Liquid Colour Balm 6ml $57

The volupté liquid colour balms come in a long and narrow silver tube with a flexible cushion type sponge tip applicator that resembles lips—yes it’s cute! The balms have quite a medium coverage that’s buildable pigmentation—I was impress by. Normally, tinted lip balms are basically sheer to no hints of colour, but with these, it lives up to its claims.

The liquid colour balms have a lovely fruity scent, maybe melons, sweet but not intoxicating. I love how thy feel on my lips, luscious, moisturising and overall feel hydrated. These have a shiny finish that adds a bit of dimension, but isn’t so much to plump up lips, it also stays on for a few hours on me, no glitter and don’t stain the lips. There are currently 12 shades in this collection (night rehab, expose me rose, show me peach, spy on me nude, watch me orange, undress me coral, grab me red, excite me pink, stripe me fuchsia, devour me plum, hook me berry, chase me nude).

Overall, I am super impressed by the quality of these YSL lipstick and balms. If you’re looking to splurge or spice up your lipstick/lip balm collection, have a look at these products from YSL.


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