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As the beauty community is evolving all the time, many of you know that I am in a process of transitioning towards using more eco-friendly products that are healthier and better for the environment. World Organics is a New Zealand-based company that creates organic skincare and makeup products, as well as devote to natural beauty and wellbeing. The latest range of makeup was sent courtesy of Adhesive PR.

In October, the premium skincare and makeup brand launched in Australia, and in addition added three new product lines to its already certified organic range. The products are housed in eco-friendly brown boxes and each type of product is encased in a tube or a circular thick plastic jar with wooden style twist caps. These are downright pretty, if you asked me.

World Organics - New Additions to Organic Makeup Range 2

“We’re thrilled to be widening the World Organics makeup range with our new primer, illuminisers and concealer. Our skin is our largest organ yet many people aren’t aware of the amount of synthetic products – particularly makeup products – we use daily.” – Megan Douglas, Founder of World Organics.

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*World Organics Purely Primer Rose Gold (AU$55/US$39.99)- As you know, I try to never skip priming my skin before I go into a makeup regime. This formula is lightweight and is filled with rich antioxidants, aloe vera and botanical extracts. You only need a pea size to cover your face and neck, as it keeps your skin hydrated, feels soft to touch and creates a smooth base ready for makeup application.

I prefer to wear this primer alone, as it leaves a gorgeous, but subtle radiance-perfect for spring/summer. Other ingredients include illuminating pearl minerals, amla and pomegranate extracts that give a reflecting radiance and glow. Also, it has a great source of vitamin C, minerals and proteins that can help to promote collagen and skin firmness. This line is also available in Lunar shade. It is made with 78.15% certified organic ingredients.

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*World Organics Luminiser Rose Gold (AU$35/US$25.40) – I consider myself still a newbie when it comes to using highlighters and highlighting various points of my face. This cream luminiser/highlighter offers a satin-pearl finish with flattering rose gold tones that is buildable. What I like is that it offers hydrating ingredients, which you know means moisture and protection.

Not only is this awesome to use as a highlighter, it can be used as an eyeshadow base and layered with other eyeshadows to intensify a makeup look. This line is also available in Lunar shade and if you combine these two shades, together you can create champagne tones too! It is made with 73.8% certified organic ingredients.


*World Organics Cream Concealer Caramel (AU$35/US$25.40) – I often stumble on picking up concealers that did or did not suit my skin tone. This time, I was sent one close to my skin colour (warm undertone and suitable for medium skin tones). The formula of these cream concealers are a lovely lightweight consistency, but highly pigmented that it will cover imperfections, minimise the appearance of pores and redness. It could also double up as a foundation as the coverage is medium to full and will not make your skin appear cakey, dry or heavy.

You will find that while this is a cream concealer, it will also keep skin feel hydrated as it is filled with rich, active and organic botanical ingredients such as pomegranate and seabuckthorn extracts. It is best to apply with fingers where necessary to conceal areas that require extra coverage. They also come in a variety of colours: porcelain, rose sand, soft honey, rose beige, caramel, sweet amber and sculpt. It is made with 23.31% certified organic ingredients.

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*World Organics Cream Concealer Sculpt (AU$35/US$25.40) – I also have at times find difficulty choosing a good shade for bronzer or contouring my face. This is a deep brown shade that is suitable for a warmer to mid dark skin, and some people may find it useful as a contour shade. It shares the same consistency as other cream concealers and coverage.

For those that prefer to have a matte finish or have very oily skin types, it is best to set these concealers with a mineral powder or setting powder of your choice to avoid a greasy hot messed up face. It is made with 23.31% certified organic ingredients.

Overall, these are wonderful substitutes or better alternatives for choosing the route of cruelty free, certified organic, and vegan makeup. I find myself drawing towards the purely primer and cream concealer in caramel shade, but think all are amazing products. The only downside to these luminisers and concealers is the containers in which they come in, it definitely screams unhygienic. Though, you can always use a small spatula or a clean concealer brush to scoop a tiny amount each time.

For more information on World Organics or would like to purchase their skincare or makeup products (international shipping is available), and stockist on their website:

Have you ever used World Organics skincare or any makeup products? Which is your favourite?

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